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A123 Systems Acquisition Triggers Security Concerns
Thursday, January 31, 2013
“We live in a world where military procurement, especially of electronic systems, is dominated by dual-use products. Not that everything is off the shelf, there are certainly specialized versions of products and components produced for defense specific purposes, but they’re not so very different,” Alan Tonelson, a research fellow at the think tank U.S. Business and Industry Council told The Epoch Times.

He is concerned that the civilian technology also contains the nucleus of the technology used in military systems. On top, even some of the civilian technology applications might be critical to national interests.

“A123 is making equipment that’s going to be useful for these new smart grid power systems that [the United States] is going to depend on so heavily for its electricity; and the Chinese will now know what’s inside them and how to switch them on and off. Letting that knowledge transfer essentially to the Chinese government. And I have to assume that anything known of a significant nature of a Chinese corporation is soon known by the Chinese government,” Tonelson says.

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