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Supply Chain News: Despite Optimism Around Manufacturing Rebound, US Still Losing Share to Imports Even in Advanced Manufacturing Industries
Thursday, January 17, 2013
At a major conference on US manufacturing held by MIT in May, it was clear most of the speakers believed that the future for US manufacturing would be of an "advanced" variety - meaning both more complex products (machinery, automotive, aerospace, robotics, etc.) and/or advanced production techniques heavy on automation.

And while all that may be true, some modestly contrary news last week out of the US Business and Industry Council, a research and education group focused on US competiveness and business interests.

Alan Tonelson, a research fellow at the organization, released report that showed that across 106 sectors defined as advanced products, imports share of the total rose in 2011, and it appears will be shown to have risen yet again in 2012. The research was based on combining data from a number of government sources, such as manufacturing output numbers and import data.

"The analysis strongly indicates that, contrary to widespread optimism about an American industrial renaissance, domestic manufacturing’s highest value sectors keep falling behind foreign-based rivals," Tonelson says.

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