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Editorial updates from the research staff at USBIC:
Alan Tonelson, 4/11/2014

As recent developments make painfully clear, President Obama's Asia-Pacific strategy is needlessly exposing the United States to security dangers and just as needlessly creating new obstacles to genuine American prosperity


Alan Tonelson
Alan Tonelson, 4/3/2014

Although Arctic-like temperatures and snowy conditions might have slowed the U.S. economy in recent months, America's appetite for foreign goods and services heated up and boosted the trade deficit in February.


Alan Tonelson
Alan Tonelson, 3/27/2014

The next time President Obama or another cheerleader claims that new trade agreements will strengthen the stagnant U.S. economy, look closely at the latest figures for economic growth. They blow that case out of the water.


Alan Tonelson
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As President Obama prepares for his long-delayed April trip to Asia, corporate lobbyists and other supporters of the massive 12 nation Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal have released deceiving polling results to imply that a large majority of Americans support new fast-track authority for President Obama. The corporate special interests are relying on fast-track authority so that the TPP can sail through Congress with no real debate. If approved, fast track would allow the President finalize the TPP and then send it to Congress for time-limited consideration, no amendments, and a simple up-or-down vote.
Alan Tonelson, 2/18/2014
If the Obama administration keeps glossing over the discouraging crucial details about America's trade performance last year, can it be trusted to negotiate new trade agreements that serve U.S. national interests?
Alan Tonelson, 1/9/2014
President Obama's latest effort to win support for new trade negotiating authority and agreements shows instead how thoroughly U.S. trade policy has turned into offshoring policy.
Alan Tonelson, 1/7/2014
Memo to Congress: Where U.S. trade deficits are shaped by fast-tracked deals & similar policy decisions, they've grown. When they've been free of Washington's influence, they've shrunk.
Alan Tonelson, 12/5/2013
Once again, government statisticians have reminded Americans that U.S. trade policy has been a growth killer, not a growth engine. How can Congress even think about granting President Obama's request to serve up more of the same?
Alan Tonelson, 11/21/2013
Bigwigs are starting to recognize that America's sorry recent growth and hiring records stem from weakness in the real economy, not just in its malfunctioning finance sector. But they still ignore the crucial role played by growth-, job-, and income-killing trade policies.
Alan Tonelson, 11/12/2013
Treasury Secretary Jack Lew's new article on the global economy's woes usefully highlights the central role of lopsided trade flows. But it continues an administration pattern of ignoring their real origins and pushing na´ve remedies.
Alan Tonelson, 11/7/2013
According to the government's new data on economic growth, America's trade performance helped the GDP increase over the last three months. But the nation's free trade agreements are having exactly the opposite effect.
Alan Tonelson, 10/24/2013
Much anxiety over the government shutdown stemmed from concerns about damage to U.S. economic output. But the trade deficit exacts a far greater toll, cuts output each month, and its main victim is the private sector.
Alan Tonelson, 10/23/2013
New U.S. data show that Japan's weak yen policy keeps distorting trade and will turn the proposed Trans-Pacific trade deal into a disaster for America if the President keeps ignoring it.
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