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Thursday, March 05, 2015
CNH to lay off ‘some 100’ workers at tractor plant
Milwaukee Business Journal

• Comment: "CNH Industrial plans to lay off about 100 workers in March at its tractor plant on Durand Avenue in Sturtevant."
East St. Louis manufacturing facility to close
St. Louis Business Journal

• Comment: "Huntsman Corp. plans to close its East St. Louis manufacturing facility. The Texas-based chemical company said it was closing four sites by the end of 2015. All of the locations, including in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Germany, are leased, and the products produced there will be supplied by other Huntsman facilities, the company said."

Wednesday, March 04, 2015
Unions take campaign against trade deals to Capitol Hill

• Comment: "U.S. officials are working hard to win Democrat support for fast track and the broader trade agenda, arguing that tough labor standards in the TPP will improve the lot of workers overseas, and that lowering trade barriers creates opportunities for U.S. producers and workers."
Fate of Obama’s Trade Agenda May Rest on Oregon Senator
New York Times

• Comment: "Representative Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin, the Republican chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, says he cannot go forward with such “fast track” authority until the Senate can produce a bipartisan version. Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah, the Republican chairman of the Finance Committee, says he cannot produce one without the support of his committee’s ranking Democrat, Mr. Wyden."

Tuesday, March 03, 2015
Big Washington state Boeing supplier opens South Carolina facility
Puget Sound Business Journal

• Comment: "AMT Senior Aerospace, which is based in Arlington, Wash., only has a few employees at the new site now, but is scheduled to grow to about 60, said Ryan Johnson, a spokesman for the city of North Charleston, S.C."
First Chinese C919 jet nears completion, aspires to take on Boeing 737, Airbus A320
Puget Sound Business Journal

• Comment: "The C919, built by the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, better known as Comac, is China's most ambitious effort yet to break into the Western-dominated global aircraft market."
Greif closing plants in Missouri, Louisiana, Germany
Columbus Business First

• Comment: "The Delaware packaging company said Tuesday it is closing steel drum manufacturing facilities in Fenton, Missouri, and Harahan, Louisiana, and moving the work to other Grief factories in the U.S."
Fast-track trade bill unlikely to come to Congress before April: top senator

• Comment: "It does not look like it will come up before April at this point because of all the work that has to be done on budget and such in March," Republican Orrin Hatch said, in reply to a question about when the bill would fit in the legislative calendar."
U.S. talks on fast track trade bill 'stuck': senator

• Comment: "Bipartisan talks on how to speed trade deals through the U.S. Congress are deadlocked and legislation is unlikely to come up for debate before April, a senior Republican senator said on Tuesday, tightening the timeframe to finish a Pacific trade pact before the U.S. election season."

Monday, March 02, 2015
Washington says waiting for China response on tech rule concerns

• Comment: "Novelli said there was no set timeline for China to respond, but said the United States had looked into whether the rules broke World Trade Organization commitments."
Dan DiMicco: Why 'American Made' is the Answer
Industry Week

• Comment: “We’ve never had free trade,” DiMicco writes. “At best, we have managed trade. At worst, we have predatory and protectionist countries unfairly exploiting our belief in free trade to their advantage.”China and other countries use currency manipulation, VAT taxes, subsidies and various regulatory schemes to support their domestic manufacturers, says DiMicco. He cites research by the Economic Policy Institute that China’s currency manipulation has cost the U.S. 2.1 million jobs and added $217 billion to the U.S. trade deficit."
Made in America – Capel Rugs' Stronghold in North Carolina
Industry Week

• Comment: "Many textile companies have moved overseas. In fact from 1992-2012 the industry in North Carolina lost 86.7% of its employees.Capel Rugs chose not to move. They did look into different locations, and they source globally, but they have kept the plants in the state. They have seven plants in Troy. “Having our manufacturing in the U.S. is a huge advantage for us,” says Richard. “We are a vertical company. From the raw product to the finished product, it's all under one roof. This allows us an advantage both over speed and the quality as we control the whole process.”

Sunday, March 01, 2015
Dresser-Rand plans major job cuts
Houston Business Journal

• Comment: "Houston-based Dresser-Rand Group Inc. (NYSE: DRC) will cut 8 percent of its global workforce, or almost 650 jobs, as the energy sector continues to struggle."

Saturday, February 28, 2015
Why Paccar is staying out of China – for now
Puget Sound Business Journal

• Comment: "The company does have Chinese business, but not the direct joint venture operations required by the Chinese government for companies to produce products in the country."