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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Monday, September 29, 2014
Made in America, Again
The Atlantic

• Comment: "But there is a trend worth worrying about, which is the disappearance of manufacturing jobs from the workforce. Shortly after World War II, about one-quarter of employed Americans held manufacturing jobs. Now less than one-tenth do. From the perspective of individual businesses, this change is natural and desirableórising productivity by definition means fewer people making more things. But it is troublesome for society as a whole, since factory jobs have historically buoyed the middle class and given rise to future industries and jobs, virtuous-cycle style."
America Out of Whack
New York Times

• Comment: "Beaudry theorizes that it was in 2000 that advances in technology and automation, in trade, especially with China, and in the outsourcing of American jobs abroad came together to produce an inflection point.The net result, Beaudry said, is that a significantly smaller fraction of the population benefits from growth."
Boeing to move 2,000 defense jobs out of Washington state
Puget Sound Business Journal

• Comment: "The transition will take about three years and will affect 2,000 employees. Some employees may move around inside the Puget Sound region. Some of the jobs will go to Jacksonville, Fla. and Patuxent River, Md. Others are headed to the midwest. Boeing estimates that 900 jobs could be added in Oklahoma City and as many as 500 jobs in St. Louis as a result of the move."
U.S. trade pact in spotlight as new EU Commission faces grilling

• Comment: "will have to address concerns among consumer and environmental groups and others that the EU's plan to create the world's largest free trade area with the United States could undermine European standards on data privacy, food safety and the environment."
Gilead plans big Southern California plant
San Francisco Business Times

Sunday, September 28, 2014
Parkdale buys plant in Mexico
Charlotte Business Journal

Saturday, September 27, 2014
Asian focus boosts Kings Mountain plant
Charlotte Business Journal

Friday, September 26, 2014

Thursday, September 25, 2014
In China, Steel Consumption Drops as Economy Slows
New York Times

• Comment: "The consumption dropped 0.3 percent, to 500 million metric tons, in the first eight months of the year compared with a year ago, Wang Xiaoqi, vice chairman of the China Iron and Steel Association, said during an industry conference Thursday."
Ford will add 1,200 jobs in Kansas City
Kansas City Business Journal
Data on Durable Goods Slides on Aircraft Orders
New York Times

• Comment: "However, the crucial category that serves as a proxy for business plans for investment rose 0.6 percent. Manufacturing production has been a source of strength for the economy this year, and economists are looking for this to continue."
Record Durables Drop Follows Record Boeing-Driven Surge; Ex-Transports In Line
Zero Hedge

• Comment: "As a reminder, last month the volatile nondefense aircraft order category soared by 318%, leading to a 22.6% increase in headline Durable Goods, a record monthly swing courtesy of Boeing conducting its own "subprime for flying clunkers" program which sent airplane orders to an all time high. And now that the bumper airplane order month is over, with all orders purchased on credit gobbled up by yield-starved investors of course, the anticipated drop took place, with durable goods sliding by a record 18.2%, a fraction worse than the -18.0% expected."