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Thursday, July 30, 2015
Nikkei's FT Takeover
Unz Report

• Comment: "Yet the Japanese market remains as closed as ever. In the car industry, for instance, even Volkswagen, which is a match for Toyota in any other market, has yet to achieve more than a token presence. (No wonder therefore that with the benefit of big profits in a large sheltered home market, Japanese carmakers have out-invested most foreign competitors during the lost decades – so much so that the Japanese industry has almost doubled its unit output since 1989.)"
Patent Protection for Drugs Puts Pressure on U.S. in Trade Talks
New York Times

• Comment: "Then there are politics. Australian negotiators insist that their Parliament will not accept any data protection beyond five years for drug companies that are so dominated by the United States. What left-wing members of Parliament see as price gouging also comes straight out of the government’s coffers, because drugs are paid for by Australia’s national health service."

• Comment: "But more to the point TTIP is championed by the corporate political class in Brussels and Strasbourg. A latent, unofficial and unincorporated party of people who have just a few guiding tenets of their philosophy"

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tuesday, July 28, 2015
U.S. Steel joins other major steel companies in filing trade case against illegal imports
Pittsburgh Business Times

• Comment: "The United States is the most open market in the world. We believe that American manufacturers can compete against any nation's products as long as the playing field is level. Unfortunately, other nations have mastered the use of illegal and market-distorting practices to take market share, suppress prices, and harm American producers," U.S. Steel said in a statement."