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Alan Tonelson, 5/29/2014

Growing U.S. trade deficits continue undermining a weak national economic rebound and the greatest damage is inflicted by trade flows heavily shaped by U.S. trade policy.


Alan Tonelson
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Alan Tonelson, 5/23/2014
Respected economist Martin Feldstein thinks America should be grateful that Chinese and other foreign traders' currency manipulation keeps pumping narcotics into America's financial veins.
Alan Tonelson, 5/13/2014
Two years worth of results are now in for President Obama's trade deal with Korea, and they can only justify a big vote of no confidence by Congress whenever a fast track request or the Trans-Pacific Partnership come up.
Alan Tonelson, 5/9/2014
Despite dramatic recent fluctuations in the yuan's value versus the dollar, China's exchange rate protectionism persists - along with major misconceptions about this predatory trade practice.
Alan Tonelson, 5/5/2014
The negligible U.S. economic growth reported last week by the government stemmed largely from trade flows that by one crucial measure inflicted their most damage in decades -- and these in turn have resulted largely from the kinds of trade deals President Obama is pursuing.
Alan Tonelson, 5/2/2014
Despite a hiring uptick reported in the newest government data, job-creation in the U.S. economy as a whole keeps increasing its lead over job-creation in manufacturing.
Alan Tonelson, 4/16/2014
New Federal Reserve figures show that harsh winter weather really did slam U.S. manufacturing. But the bounce-back only restores slow growth, and has totally bypassed the steel sector.
Alan Tonelson, 4/14/2014
President Obama's big trade deal push is coming just as developments on the global monetary policy front look certain to create ever bigger foreign barriers to U.S. exports.
Alan Tonelson, 4/4/2014
American manufacturing's jobs performance remains at far from Renaissance-like levels, and in fact keeps falling further behind even the sluggish improvement generated by the overall economy.
Alan Tonelson, 3/24/2014
To hear it from Chancellor Angela Merkel, Germany keeps running huge global trade surpluses simply because it's so darned competitive. Lately, officials from her own government have been reading from a different script.
Alan Tonelson, 3/17/2014
Harsh winter weather has clearly affected domestic manufacturing output, but the sector keeps expanding even more slowly than the U.S. economy as a whole.
Alan Tonelson, 3/13/2014
Prices of America’s manufacturing-dominated imports from Japan and China remain weak relative to manufactures import prices generally. Without effective Washington responses, proposed new trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership are sure to become U.S. growth and job killers.
Alan Tonelson, 3/7/2014
That sputtering sound you may be hearing is the over-hyped U.S. manufacturing jobs recovery stalling out. And President Obama wants to negotiate new deficit-boosting, job-killing trade deals?
Alan Tonelson, 2/28/2014
The latest government data on economic growth show that U.S. trade flows shaped by trade policy keep slowing the already weak recovery - and are telling Congress that a trade policy blank check for the President will only worsen the damage.
Alan Tonelson, 2/7/2014
Domestic industry maintained a modest warm streak in hiring in January, but since the current weak recovery began, it's created jobs much more slowly than the rest of the economy.
Alan Tonelson, 1/30/2014
Trade is boosting U.S. growth for a change these days, but all of the gains stem from energy trade -- which is virtually unaffected by trade policy. Most of the U.S. trade deficit is shaped by deals like those President Obama is pursuing, and that share keeps worsening and slowing growth.
Alan Tonelson, 1/17/2014
Domestic industry experienced a decidedly un-Renaissance-like 2013, and is now growing even more slowly than the feeble economy as a whole.
Alan Tonelson, 1/14/2014
Nothing could be clearer from new government statistics that ignoring currency manipulation in the new trade negotiating authority legislation and proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership deal will ensure that both become U.S. growth- and job-killers.
Alan Tonelson, 1/10/2014
Manufacturing actually outperformed the overall economy as a job creator in December, but has still been a major employment laggard since the recovery began and the jobs recession in the huge nondurables sector drags on.
Alan Tonelson, 12/20/2013
Shrinking trade deficits are bolstering economic growth, but all because of energy. U.S. trade flows shaped by trade deals keep undermining output and hiring - and therefore the case for Congress authorizing the President to seek more of these agreements.
Alan Tonelson, 12/17/2013
Everything known so far about the trade promotion authority bill reportedly drafted by Congressional leaders tells us that coddlers of currency manipulation have gotten their way.